About Us

Manchester Wellness

Our mission is to create a mindful, healthy, happy, creative society for all, and cultivate Manchester wellness! We create safe, preventative Mindful Art tools, events and resources to enable people to be active partners in nurturing their own mental and emotional wellbeing. Mindful Art is a catalyst, creating empowered, mindful, creative, compassionate people and communities.

We share Mindful Art for vibrancy, whole-hearted living and social change. Sharing Mindful Art tools, workshops and events for all.

The Owl and The Coconut was founded in 2014 by Art Psychotherapist & Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Gemma Bowden and MBCT Mindfulness & Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Louise Taylor.

We grew from sole traders to an arts organisation, registered as a Community Interest Company in 2016 and we are now led by directors Gemma Bowden and Pam Allen (2019).

We deliver Mindful Art projects and events, informed by evidenced guidelines (NICE Treatment Guidance for Depression 2009) and creative events (NICE Guidance for Psychosis & Schizophrenia 2014).

We have a team of creative therapists and artists who deliver projects that promote a collective community, social inclusion, self-care and enhanced wellbeing. Would you like to explore how Mindful Art can benefit you, your clients, pupils, visitors or employees? Find out more here, or view our upcoming events here.