Hello! We are The Owl and The Coconut Community Interest Company

Manchester based Mindful Arts Organisation

We create safe, preventative Mindful Art tools, events and resources, to enable people to be active partners in nurturing their own mental and emotional wellbeing. Creating a mindful, healthful, happy, creative society for all. We  have found Mindful Arts to be a catalyst to create empowered, mindful, creative, compassionate people and communities.

On this site you’ll find loads of resources for you to create Mindful Art and get involved.

Including our 30 Days of Free Mindful Art!

Mindful Art is a powerful tool in helping people to Stop. Notice. Create. Helping us to live our lives to the full. Connecting to our inner wisdom and the people around us. Creating a better world for everyone. Try it today and join us on a Mindful Art adventure to change the world.

Watch this 2 minute film about our work.




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30 Days of Free Mindful Art!

Join us for 30Days of Free Mindful Art. Introduction to 30 Days of Free Mindful Art Day 1! 30 Days of Free Mindfulness! Intentions. The theme today is ‘Intentions’. Intentions are different to goals, in that goals are more action focussed. Intentions are more linked to our life values. So what is important to us. … Continue reading 30 Days of Free Mindful Art!

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