Mindful Art in Manchester

Mindful Art is a powerful tool in helping people to Stop. Notice. Create; helping you to live your life to the full, connect to your inner wisdom and the people around you and create a better world for everyone. Join us for a Mindful Art adventure! We run a variety of workshops and events including Mindful Art classes in Manchester both in and out of The Nest within Levenshume Old Library, Manchester.

Try Mindful Art for yourself at one of our upcoming relaxed, low commitment Mindful Art Practice taster sessions, click here to book or find out more about the benefits of Mindful Art.

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Mindful eating in lockdown

Until recently I was completing a 12-week, group-based, NHS supported programme to lose weight for health reasons. I’m technically obese, asthmatic and have other minor weight-related health issues. In the last month I have reduced my calorie intake, been walking more and attending sessions such as Aquacise at the local pool and was feeling quite … Continue reading Mindful eating in lockdown

The Owl and The Coconut Self-Care Team Share Event

We invited all our volunteers, staff and associate freelancers to come along to a special Team Time at The Nest event that was kindly funded by HOUR Manchester to share a memory, hobby, activity or skill that they love with the team in any way they chose; something that sparks joy within them and enhances … Continue reading The Owl and The Coconut Self-Care Team Share Event

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