‘Recharged & inspired after an amazing session with The Owl and The Coconut’
Jodie Silverman Artist, Mindful Art Group member and now a member of the team!


People who have participated in our groups report that they feel ‘safe’ and ‘able to be open’, developing the techniques that they can take away to help them feel ‘calm’ and ‘able to cope better with day to day problems’. They remarked on the benefits of working in a group, stating that it provided peer support and shared understanding. This is of crucial importance to people who reported previously feeling isolated and alone with their problems.

We aim to increase emotional intelligence, enhance well being and reduced mental chatter. Using creativity to explore and work through issues that sometimes words alone cannot express.

Drawing upon the ever growing evidence base that shows how both mindfulness and creativity are key in neuroplasticity, we help people to create new positive neurological pathways, build compassion and life skills, to increase wellbeing and happiness.

Watch this short film to hear what the young people from DePaul said about their Mindful Art project with us:


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