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Introduction to The Owl and The Coconut ’30 Days of Free Mindful Art’ Challenge

Join us for 30 Days of Mindful Art!

Day #1 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art: Intentions

The theme today is ‘Intentions’. Intentions are different to goals, in that goals are more action focused. Intentions are more linked to our life values. What is important to us. How we want to be. So maybe, ‘kind’, ‘compassionate’, ‘living in the moment’, that sort of thing.

In this session we set intentions and invite you to set your intentions for the 30 days of Mindfulness. Please do tell us your intentions and share your images with us by using the hashtag #stopnoticecreate on twitter, on instagram and facebook. We also take you on a guided mindful mediation and invite you to create an image, expressing anything you noticed in the mindful meditation. We really would love to see your images and hear your intentions!

Day #2 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art: Hopes, experiences and challenges of Mindful Art

Sherelle talks about being new to Mindfulness. Setting her intentions for the 30 days. The challenges of Mindful Art she faces and her experience so far! What is your experience of Mindfulness? Are you new to mindfulness? What challenges in your mindful practice do you find? Let’s see if we can help!

How would you rate your current wellbeing? 0-10? What are your intentions for these 30 Days of Mindfulness?

Day #3 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art: Impermanence

Today we look at the mindful theme of ‘impermanence’ and play with water! Grab a piece of any old paper, a bit of water and some essential oils if you have some, no worries if not. Impermanence is all about being OK with the fact that pretty much everything in life changes. Just like the art work we make in this video, it drys and changes. It is out of our control. And that is OK.

Day #4 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art

Today we talk about the 7 Pillars of Mindfulness; Non-judging, Patience, Beginner’s Mind, Trust, Non-striving, Acceptance, Letting Go. We use a heart breathing meditation to send thoughts and love to all who need it, especially thinking of all the people involved in the devastating Grenfell Tower fire.

Day #5 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art

Marbling using the Mindful Pillars of Beginners Mind. Using marbling inks is so much fun, you never really know what’s going to happen! If you have some marbling inks, join us in making images and please do send us you pic’s use the #stopnoticecreate. We can’t wait to see them! Or just sit back and enjoy watching us play!

Day #6 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art

Join Sherelle and friends to create some Mindful Doodles. They will be using fabric and felt tip pens. Feel free to use whatever you have to hand or sit back and enjoy.

Day #7 – 30 Days of Free Mindful Art

One week into the 30 Days of Mindful Art. We revisit our intentions and draw them into Mandalas. Mandala images have been drawn for centuries and used for meditation around the world. For today’s Mandala drawing, you’ll need; a canvas or paper, markers or pens. We can’t wait to see your images! Please do share them using the #stopnoticecreate

See the full 30 days over at our YouTube Channel.