The Benefits of Mindful Art

Mindful Art

Mindful practice

Mindfulness is proven to help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, to increase well being, immunity and mental health and helping people to be healthy and happy. Read more about the scientific basis of mindfulness here.

We run several mindfulness, Mindful Art, meditation and other social health and happiness courses and workshops. Check out our upcoming events here, or find out more about our collaborative work with other organisations. You can also read our blog and discover our Mindful Art resources!

Mindfulness is the ability to be present in the here and now. Noticing the details of the images and symbols of the words that you are reading right now. Noticing any sounds that you can hear around you. Noticing your breath as it enters your nose or mouth, traveling into your lungs and back out into the world….

Being present. Noticing as your mind wanders. Kindly guiding your attention back to where you chose it to be…

Participants of our groups have reported feeling “safe” and “able to be open”, developing the techniques that they can take away to help them “feel calm” and “able to cope better with day to day problems”. They remarked on the benefits of working in a group, indicating that it provided peer support and shared understanding. This is crucial for people who have reported previously feeling isolated and alone with their problems.

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“Recharged & inspired after an amazing session with The Owl and The Coconut.” -Jodie Silverman, Artist, Mindful Art group member and now a member of the team!


Watch this short film to hear what a group of young people from DePaul said about their Mindful Art project with us: