The Nest: Wellness Centre

Creative arts and Wellness Centre

We are delighted to have set up home in the beautiful 1900s Carnegie building of Levenshulme Old Library in Manchester, where we host our Mindful Meditation and Mindful Art courses, events and workshops. We also have an amazing bunch of Nest members who share their great work at The Nest creative arts and wellness centre too! Come and have a look around and learn more about what’s happening at The Nest at our open day Sunday 22nd September 11am-5pm, as part of Levenshulme Jumble Trail. Find us on Cromwell Grove, M19 3QE or have a look around in this virtual tour now!

Here are a few of the fab people and wellness experiences on offer here at The Nest:


Fancy a massage? Then Simone Tunney, Massage Therapist from Olympians Lounge is your woman! Simone is an award-winning Massage Therapist and I can personally confirm that her massages are absolutely amazing! Simone says: “I’m here to inspire you to prioritise your wellness and boost your strength, so that you can continue in whatever you wish to succeed in, the right way!”


Have you ever had a Gong Bath? Don’t worry, you won’t have to take your clothes off! We are delighted to host monthly gong baths from the amazing Martyn Cawthorne at Gong Spa, who says: “Hi I’m Martyn. I’m a qualified gong practitioner having completed a 1-year gong course at the College of Sound Healing.

I offer large, group gongs baths at various venues around Manchester and Cheshire. Gong baths are wonderful for your well-being, a completely unique way to spend an hour or so in harmonic luxury, enveloped by frequencies that can stimulate profound inner journeys and awakenings. I’ve been a musician and meditator for over 25 years and my passions are of sounds, silence and sharing.” 


Is your life on track? Could you do with some impractical support to help you life your best life?! We have a number of fab therapists and a life coach at the nest ready to offer you the help you need. There’s life coach lucy from brighter prospects who says; “My name is Lucy Bull and I am a certified life coach and founder of Brighter Prospects Coaching.

I completed my formal qualification as a personal performance coach with The Coaching Academy, which is the world’s leading coach training provider. My background is in technical arts and I have been practicing mindfulness for the last eight years. Balancing practicality, creativity, focus and compassion, I offer personally tailored coaching sessions that facilitate positive life changes. Whether there is a goal to accomplish or an obstacle to overcome, I can support you in navigating the most effective path to beneficial results.”

There’s also psychotherapist Nina Bradshaw who says: “I have been on my own psychotherapy journey, and I understand how challenging life can seem at times, and how therapy can help. I can offer a listening ear, a place for you to reflect, to feel heard, and together we can look at the things that cause you pain. Perhaps in the safe space of the therapy relationship, you can start to make some sense of the things you struggle with and begin to find a way to move forward and into a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.”


Alex Linley, therapist, says “I’m dedicated to creating a stigma-free and non-judgemental environment in which individuals may access personal therapy.”

nvcDo you use your voice as a tool for work? Then Northern Voice Collective (NVC) could be a great shout for you! (Get it?!). NVC is a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to delivering quality voice and performance training via 1-2-1 sessions, drop-in classes and workshops. Offering regular, affordable training in: Vocal technique, Accents, Text, and can help you with a big audition, to build vocal confidence before a big presentation or nail that Bolton native with a hint of the Kiwi accent! They host voice workshops at The Nest every month. Click here to book. 

For the creative in you, fancy Life Drawing? Join Lisa at Levenshulme Life Drawing. Who says this class is “for experienced & novice artists alike, this relaxed arty social is a chance to use your chosen medium to capture the ultimate subject: an actual human person. Pencils & paper are provided, however feel free to bring the materials you like to work with. There’s no bar, but you are more than welcome to BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE (BYOB), interlude snackage and a Jazzy Jazz playlist included. To book email 

Essential Oil Mixing


Emma from Essentially Emma says: “I’m here to share how essential oils can improve you and your family’s overall wellness.”


Hire the nest

Are you looking for lovely and affordable space for hire in Levenshulme for your health or arts business’ next session or event? We are now taking bookings from freelancers, businesses and groups looking to run wellness or arts workshops, wellbeing groups or one to one counselling sessions at The Nest creative arts and wellness centre​.

We have a beautiful group room, 1-2-1 room and a meeting room to hire – visit this form for more info or get in touch at


The Owl and The Coconut Turns Five!

Mindful Art in Manchester

2019 marks our 5 year anniversary at The Owl and The Coconut and we couldn’t be happier! We have been sharing Mindful Art in Manchester for over five years! To celebrate this milestone we have a brand new shiny logo and here’s a sneak peek!


Although we are sad to say goodbye to our old cute owl and wonky coconut logo, fear not they are still at the heart of all we do and will still be popping up at our events. We feel our new logo reflects our growth, we are maturing, we are growing up and we are celebrating our achievements with a splash of gold!

5 years of Mindful Art

When we first started out, not many people had heard of mindful art but now it seems to be everywhere! We believe that what sets us apart from the rest is our social impact, how we help and invest in people to help reduce stress and increase levels of health and happiness for social good.

Our most successful way of doing this is our Mindful Art Practice 8 week Course MAPS. Where we take people on a creative healing journey. Each week we stop to explore the work of a different artist. We use meditation to notice our thoughts, feelings and automatic reactions and we use mindful art to create new neurological pathways to move from auto pilot reactions to creative mindful responses. Regaining power and steering our lives the way we choose, building our networks, confidence and connections to common humanity along the way.

The organisation is lead by Gemma and Pam who are qualified therapists supported by our amazing team of dedicated and passionate freelancers and volunteers who all have first hand experience of the benefits of mindful art. Working together to share mindfulness and creativity to increase health and happiness for all! 


Over the last five years we have shared mindful art with  thousands of people! Taking to the streets to meet people where they are including festivals, markets and even bus-stops! 


Last year saw us move into our first home: The Nest in Levenshulme Old Library where we have been able to put down roots, grow plants and build a network for health and wellness with like minded souls.

                The Nest at Levenshulme Old Library Manchester

We have partnered with charities and big organisations including DePaul UK,  Mind and Manchester Art Gallery. We have shared mindful art at Manchester’s first ever Mindful Living Show and the Science and Industry Museum as part of their Cultural Late special exploring the connection between Health and Art. What amazing experiences they were!

We have received support and funding from the Big Lottery, The Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Greater Manchester Mental Health Service NHS, Manchester City Council, Santander and the School Of Social Entrepreneurs.  We have also had invaluable help from Lucie at Salford University, who has lead us on creating our new logo and refining our use of social media to support and share our work.  

Impact: Social Value

Along the way we’ve stopped to ask people about their levels of wellbeing using an evidenced based measure called WEMWEBS. and we have been blown away to see the increase in health and happiness reported back to us. It’s said that an increase of 3 points marks a significant increase in wellbeing. The average that we have had reported by people who attended our 8 week courses is 6 and we couldn’t be prouder!

Louise says: “The Mindful Art Practice course changed my life. It took me from being stuck in living in my head to the happiness of living in my heart.” Read Louise’s full story in her blog post here

We were stopped in our tracks when Local GP Dr Arora from Ashcroft Surgery knocked on our door and said “What is The Owl and The Coconut and how have you been helping so many of my patients?!”. Since that day we have been working with Dr Arora to help more and more people join our Mindfulness course to regain power over their health and happiness! Taking time to evaluate the impact of our work on peoples wellbeing. 

What’s Next?

As we reflect on the last five years and plan for the next, we have big ambitions! We want to begin to train people to deliver our Mindful Art Practice Course so that we can share this with more and more people!

To do this we are working closely with Dr Arora to bring together the evidence of our work and linking up with YMCA Central in London who have amazing ambitions in their Eudaimonia supported by Charles Leadbeater; a leading authority on innovation and creativity.  We are continuing to work to break down mental heath stigma and make tools for health and happiness available in every day settings for positive social impact and world change. If we were all a bit more mindful, creative and happy,  wouldn’t the world be a better place? We certainly think so!

Join us!

If you’d like to join us to try Mindful Art we have taster sessions coming up click here  to book and come and have a try for yourself. You don’t have to be good at art or to have ever meditated before! All you need to bring is your self!

To have a chat get in touch via social media or email us at

My journey from being in my head to my heart …..


scan 2019-1-22 16.40.47 (1)-001
Mandala Mindful Art by Louise. Original illustration made for The Owl and The Coconut by Lauren Kelly.


By Louise

Growing up I was a shy and introverted child, who was very self-conscious. Entering my twenties, I was diagnosed with depression and had developed anorexia. Luckily for me I had a supportive GP who helped me to start to eat, but battling my thoughts was so much harder.

Throughout my adult life I was absorbed with believing myself to not be enough. I had various episodes of crippling anxiety and depression. I tried everything to fix me-under eat, over exercise, moved jobs and home, too much alcohol, no alcohol and so on… nothing helped. As a nurse, the only time I felt worthwhile was with my patients – I was being further depleted emotionally and physically. At home, an episode of domestic abuse confirmed for me my feelings of worthlessness.

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Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 08.26.11

5 Day Silent Retreat

At the end of 2018, I was lucky enough to go on a 5 day silent retreat. I say lucky, but to be honest, I didn’t really want to go. I didn’t have the funds to go. Or the time. And I didn’t want to leave my young family or my work family for that long. But I had to go really, as part of my Mindfulness teacher training. So booked it and shut up, literally.

In booking it, I was met with my working class edges of thoughts, “sitting in silence in a country manner in Devon – *eye roll* – how’s that gonna help anyone or anything?” So I chose the specific retreat and teachers very carefully. In my research I found Zohar and Nathan, the founders of SangaSeva: “sangha-” a group of people who feel connected to a similar cause, a community of spiritual friends, a body of heartful activists.
“-seva” means offering the best we have to give. Often it is translated as selfless service: An action which benefits another as much as it benefits us, as long as we wish to cease being self-centred, that is.

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Digital Detox

profile picGoodbye internet, we’re taking a break! This Christmas all of us at the The Owl and The Coconut will be turning off push notifications and turning on our out of office reply.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 08.33.52


Because it’s time to stop. Not forever! Just for the Christmas break! When you are really passionate about what you do it’s tempting to never stop. But is that healthy? In October we worked our socks off on social media to get votes for an Aviva Funding Pot. The vote opened while I was on holiday with my family; I felt I just had to be on social media pushing the cause. This wasn’t great as it meant every time my phone connected to the internet I was overwhelmed with updates and calls for my attention, taking me away from the beautiful beach I was on. My mind wasn’t on holiday at all.

Adam Sandler in Film Click

We received some very challenging messages and my mind began racing with replies, who to turn to for support, and how to look after the team thousands of miles away back home. I couldn’t believe how the worry thoughts grew like vines in my mind and pushed out my present moment connections and experiences. Auto pilot kicked in, like that pretty bad Adam Sandler film ‘Click’, and I began to fast forward through my family time to get back to sorting out work stuff.

But how could my mind be hijacked in this way?! All this mindfulness work! I’m the boss of my mind, right? I have a toolbox full of skills for coping with stress! So I made extra time for my mindfulness practice because it was a time I needed it most.

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Reflections on 2018 at The Owl and The Coconut 



As we reach the end of 2018 I’m feeling grateful and reflective as I arrive home after an intensive few days on the Paul Hamlyn Foundations Ideas and Pioneers retreat. Um retreat, well that fooled me! It was less pamper and more Big Brother meets the Apprentice with added layers of social value and ethical trading for pioneering social change. Amazing and exhausting! I met loads of absolutely amazing people doing amazing things to change the world for the better!

It’s now 5am on my first night home, I’m back to the happiness of being with my husband, son and dog but I can’t sleep. My mind is buzzing with all the thoughts and actions inspired by the whole event and the amazing social entrepreneurs I have meet.

Reflecting back to January 2018, just eleven months ago Pam (Co-Director of The Owl and The Coconut) and I sat in Trove cafe, in Levenshulme, with no funding and no base to work from. Two therapists with a dream that mental health services must evolve and break out of the confines of ‘clinical settings’ to get to everyday people before crisis point. With higher and higher levels of people experiencing disabling symptoms stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, that change is needed now.

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My experiences of mental health and mindfulness – Luke, 25

Growing up I’ve often struggled with low moods and a general feeling of low self-worth. I internalised all of my negative emotions and as such never received specific treatment. At 22, my mental health reached its lowest stage and I was diagnosed with depression.

Since then I have developed a much better understanding of mental health and its importance. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions helped me to question my negative thoughts for the first time. I came away from the sessions with a kinder, more empathetic approach to daily life and myself than ever before. The CBT sessions led me to some reading around mindfulness and its benefits. Despite being extremely sceptical initially to an activity I saw as only for ‘spiritual people’, I was persuaded by my councillor to enrol on to an 8 week mindfulness course.

My preconceptions were only validated during the first session when we were asked to stare at a raisin for 5 minutes. My initial thoughts were what on earth could be achieved from staring at a piece of fruit. As people started to talk about the raisin’s creases and how it felt on their tongue, I was close to making a sharp dash to the exit; away from these ‘spiritual folk’.

I did though persist with the course and soon began to understand and reap the benefits of an increased awareness. I now regularly practice mindful meditation which helps me to stay firmly anchored in the present and enjoy all aspects of life (including raisins). I am kinder to myself and those around me and am accepting of emotions that I previously tried to block out; sadness, anxiousness, vulnerability etc.

I believe what I have learnt about mindfulness will help me in every aspect of life for as long as I am around. For that reason, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t done so already to give mindfulness a go!


We’ve Won The Lottery!

Let’s set the scene – It’s a frosty morning in Levenshulme and I’m awake bright and early, having my first sip of green tea. Before I’d finished my morning brew I receive a text from Pam one of the co-directors of The Owl and The Coconut. It says; “CHECK YOUR EMAILS NOW!”


I dash (virtually) to my inbox and can’t believe my sleepy eyes as I read the news we’d been hoping for.


“I’m delighted to tell you that your application has been successful. We’ve awarded your organisation a grant for the following activities: Stop. Notice. Create.”


I can’t believe it! I’m super happy! I’m crying! It’s real! It’s happening! People believe in us! We now have money to share our Mindfulness and Mindful Art Practice courses and drop in sessions.


I read on through my teary eyes.“Receiving this award is a mark of the quality of the work you are doing in your community.”


It says “Please do share this good news with your local community and MP”.


Cue more tears. We want to say a heartfelt thank you  to the Big Lottery Fund for helping us to deliver our work to the community. Gratitude in abundance from The Owl and The Coconut team.


Free Mindful Art Sessions in Levenshulme


Thanks to the funding from the Big Lottery we are delighted to be able to offer free places on the Mindfulness MBSR 8 Week group, the Mindful Art Practice MAPs 8 Week group. As well as the weekly Mindful Art drop in sessions that will run for a whole year. 

Sessions begin in June.

To learn more about the groups click here to book onto a taster session;

Free Taster Session: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction MBSR 8 Week Course

Free Taster Session: Mindful Art Practice MAPs 8 Week Course

Click here to see full timetable for drop in workshops.

For a sneak peek at The Nest check out this short video


Levenshulme Old Library Opening


Cut to that very same night and we are being welcomed into our new Nest at the beautiful Levenshulme Old Library.


The centre is full of amazing local Levenshulme people, celebrating the achievement of not only saving the building, but now turning it into an arts centre for all. We all laugh as the Levenshulme Players act out a not so unfamiliar story, depicting the strength of our community in Levenshulme and the journey of the new arts centre so far.

Levenshulme Players.png


Our Levenshulme Neighbours


We were live on the radio with our building buddies – the amazing All FM and filmed by the lovely Martin and Benedette for Sky TV channel ‘The Irish at home and abroad‘. Then we stood next to no other than Mr Afzal Khan, our lovely local MP for Gorton South and told him the great news of our successful funding bid and the benefits it will bring to the area he represents.


Azal Karn

We also spoke to our supportive Levenshulme councillors Dzidra Noor, Basat Sheikh and Bernard Stone and the Longsight councillor Luthfur Rahman – the executive member for schools, culture and leisure. It was a great day and night and one we will no doubt remember as the catalyst for our future as a mindful arts space in the community.



Levenshulme Bee!

There’s a giant bee coming to Levenshulme and you can add to the design of it!


Exciting talks began at the launch night of the beautiful Levenshulme Old Library, where we are setting up our Nest, alongside the brilliant All FM and the amazing plans by LOL, ‘Sharing art and culture at the heart of our community’.

Celebrations were well underway that night!  With the library now being transformed into a community arts centre, amazingly saved by the local community, there was a true sense of pride in the air ,which was brilliantly acted out with great humour and fun by the Levenshulme Players.


Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 18.24.04

After some of the guests spotted the top secret dragon hiding in the corner, painted by the amazing local Levenshulme artist Jodie Sliverman, conversations began to flow about Bee in the City. Bee In The City features the stunning public art trail of over 80 individually designed giant bee sculptures, crafted by regional artists, due to  weave their way across the city of Manchester during summer 2018. Both the local councillors and the Levenshulme Traders Association were keen to secure a Bee for Levenshulme, to take pride of place on the high street, and we are delighted to have been asked to run a series of community art workshops to get the design for the Levenshulme Bee from you, the people.



The Bee arrives as a blank canvas, and what goes on to the Levenshulme Bee is for you to decide! What do you love about Levenshulme? What makes you proud to live in Levenshulme?


For me, it’s the friendliness of the people. Knowing I can walk into any local pub,café or shop, to be greeted by a smile and chat happily for ages! It’s walks on Highfield County Park with my dog surrounded by silver birch and pine trees. It’s the school runs to Alma Park and swimming lessons at Arcadia. Summer festivals at the Klondyke, brews in Trove, cocktails in the Dice Lounge, beers in Fred’s Ale House and yummy food from the many fab traders at Levenshulme Market. I really do think Levenshulme is an amazing place to live.

What makes you proud to live in Levenshulme? What do you love about our Lev? Come and tell us all about it, have a draw and a play. No pressure to be an amazing artist, we have Jodie for that! Jodie will pull together the themes from the thoughts and designs that you share, to paint onto the bee.
So come along to one or all of the Levenshulme Bee workshops, show us your love of Levenshulme, and let’s work together to make the Levenshulme Bee something to bee really proud of! Let’s make our bee great and help raise loads of money for The Lord Mayor of Manchester’s charity – We Love MCR Charity, to improve the lives and opportunities of Manchester people. Just think of all the sightseers that will swing by for a peek! All stopping off for a brew and a shop on the high street no doubt!

Workshops to share ideas and images for the Levenshulme Bee:

Saturday 21st April 1-3pm Levenshulme Old Library

Saturday 28th April 10am-4pm Levenshulme Market

Tuesday 24th  April 6-7pm Levenshulme Old Library 

Tuesday 1st May 6-7pm Levenshulme Old Library 


If you can’t make one of those please do email your ideas and designs using the Bee template above to by 1st May 2018

Let’s help Levenshulme Bee amazing!