Businesses and Organisations

Thinking of incorporating Mindful Art into your work? We have worked with art galleries, museums, schools, charities,  organisations and individuals on a wide range of Mindful Art services, including project planning, session delivery, and development of bespoke Mindful Art tools.

We are really proud of our partnership work, and our collaborative projects have ranged from mindful exploration of art objects to creating huge well being trees, sharing self care and mindful art tips for teens. We are specialists in the field of mindful art, combine that with your knowledge of the people you work with, and we are ready to roll.

We would love to hear from you about how we can work in partnership with you and your organisation.

The more people we can share Mindful Art with the better!



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Get in touch now and have a chat with Gemma about how The Owl and The Coconut can bring Mindful Art to you and the people that you work with. Contact us: