Mindfulness is a Political Act

Mindful Self compassion

IMG_2116I have just returned from the idyllic location of Trigonos in North Wales, where I attended a Mindful Self compassion course(MSC). The course was ran by The centre for Mindfulness research Bangor University.
A five day intensive retreat training course devised by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer.
We were skilfully eased into some beautiful practices, 23 in total over the five days, by Vanessa Hope and Colette Power, amazing teachers! I love Self compassion and the practices, as it embeds for me the saying, “you can not give from an empty cup” So on my return I feel my cup is spilling over.
I felt it was a privilege to be able to attend this intensive course, and it makes me feel even stronger about my wish to share mindfulness and Self compassion with everyone, particularly people who may not  seek out theses practices for what ever reasons.

Being Awake

I think about myself over 30 years ago, a young mum, unemployed living on a housing estate in East Manchester, and how I would have loved to know about these practices then. Practicing Mindfulness, is not only about accepting what is, for me it is also a political act, in creating choice, and awareness about the life I am living,

“Mindfulness is being awake, it means knowing what you are doing”  Jon Kabat- Zinn

Joining The Owl and The Coconut

OC Directors Photo

Joining The Owl and The Coconut is for me joining forces to achieve a vision.
My hopes for the future are to get Mindfulness and Self Compassion “out there” across our great city of Manchester, to Women, Men, Children, to the LGBT community. To create taster and drop in sessions.  I am currently waiting for the Mindful self compassion teacher training course so I can then teach the MCS 8 week course along  with the 8 week Mindfulness course (MBSR) which I look forward to sharing very soon as we move into our new home The Nest at Levenshulme Old Library.

Exciting times of awakening await.

Recommend reading,
Real Love- The Art of Mindful Connection, Sharon Salzberg.
Wherever you go There you are, Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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