Free 30 Days of Mindful Art!

We are delighted to share our 30 Days of Mindful Art with you for free!

This programme will be a step by step online guide to creating mindful art. In which we will share a wide range of tools including guided meditations and chats about the theory behind mindfulness and art therapy.

Mindful Art For Free!

This free programme will launch 4pm Tuesday 13th June live on the Raised By Feminist’s Reform radio show when we stream the show live on our Facebook page and feature on our YouTube Channel for you to watch anytime. So you can listen live or when you choose.

We are a not for profit organisation and a registered Community Interest Company. Our mission is to make Mindful Art accessible to everyone. To help us to do that, if you can, please do donate today to help us to reach more and more people to help the world to be a better place to live in.

Try Mindful Art Now!

Here’s a taster of Mindful Art to try now!


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